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"What about tomorrow?"


Call of Artist Rules  

1. Introduction
1.1. This call is an initiative of ART VEINE ( in partnership with Fase 10 ( This is an international public call that aims to stimulate the creation of artistic works based on reflections involving what will become of our planet and of our lives after the pandemic of COVID - 19.
1.2. Registration is free and must be done exclusively on the internet:
1.3. The deadline for registration is  May 20, 2020.
1.4. The selection will be made through a public call, with internet registration and analysis of the proposals carried out by ART VEINE's internal selection committee. The selection may also count on the participation of a guest curator.
1.5. Individual candidates, over 18 years of age, of any nationality may participate in this call.
1.6. Proposals will only be analyzed with all the information filled out in the form provided at the end of this regulation.
1.7. The registration must necessarily be done in Portuguese or English.
1.8. The winners will participate in an online collective exhibition, as well as gain space to insert their portfolios, including videos, photos and texts, on ART VEINE, a professional portfolio platform, for a minimum period of 18 months, with the possibility of renewal.
2. Languages ​​/ formats / sending of works and texts
2.1. The projects submitted can cover any artistic language in the field of contemporary visual arts, including photography, video art, video installation, installation, body art, drawing, sculpture, photography, happening, land art, artist's book or object book, multiple, object , performance, painting, visual poetics, video art, video installation, web art, among others (all visual works that can be reproduced through images are allowed).
2.2. Each participant may submit up to three works.
2.3.The works must be sent in video and / or photography, each accompanied by explanatory texts and captions.
2.4. Videos must have the following specifications,
Format: .MP4 OR .MOV;
Resolution: minimum of 720px.
2.5. The photos must have the following specifications:
Format: JPG or PNG;
Resolution: maximum of 2mb.
2.6. The texts referring to the works sent must have the following formats:
1 text explaining the work (s); title and technical specifications; In the case of a photo of the work, the photographer's credit; Send the credits of the team that participated in the execution of the work, if applicable.
3. Awards
3.1. The top 20 will participate in the collective exhibition "What about tomorrow?", which will take place in the present space, the ART VEINE platform for exhibitions, and will be disseminated on Social Networks through digital marketing.
3.2. The top 10 winners will be given spaces to present their portfolios in the ART VEINE virtual gallery for a minimum period of 18 months (, which may be extended. Each portfolio will be advertised individually on Social Media through digital marketing.
3.3. The group exhibition  "What about tomorrow?" will be enrolled in public calls in Brazil and abroad, for a period of one year, starting from the opening of the virtual exhibition, with the objective of obtaining resources to physically present it.
4. General provisions
4.1. The participant, when sending the material in photo and / or video, with a view to participating in this public notice, authorizes ART VEINE to use said material in any and all media known or that may be invented, assigning their copyright by Art Veine for dissemination purposes, especially with regard to the announcement  "What about tomorrow?"
4.2. The participant when sending material in photo and / or video, in order to participate in this call, declares that he/she is responsible for all copyrights pertinent to the material sent, including related copyrights, exempting ART VEINE from any legal responsibility.
4.3. Any questions or additional information, please send a message to the following email:
5. Exhibition space and portfolio
Visit the ART VEINE exhibition area to find out how the twenty winning projects will be exhibited:
Visit the ART VEINE Portfolios area to find out how the top ten winning artists will present their portfolios
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